Qingdao Nuocheng Chemical Safety Technology Co.Ltd.
Company Profile

Qingdao Nuocheng Chemical Safety Technology Co. Ltd. (NUCH) as the technology achievement transformation agency of National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC), can provide safety, environmental protection and emergency products and technical consultations for enterprises in the petrochemical, coal chemical, steel smelting, port and dock industries. NUCH is committed to providing customers with excellent products and leading an infinite future with technology. The main services provided include:

Chemical Safety and Emergency response Database (ChemRight)

Hazardous chemicals compliance Services (registration consulting, SDS production)

Emergency response service (level 1 and level 3 emergency response)

Hazardous classification of chemicals and dangerous goods

Our Advantages:

*Official certification, massive data support chemical database products

*Compliance professional, providing a "one-stop" service for SDS/Lable fabrication, registration and emergency consultation

Our Products/Services
Chemical Compliance Services:
*Hazardous chemicals registration agency service
*Make and audit SDS/Lable and conduct training
*Chemical physicochemical parameter testing
Emergency response services
*24 hour chemical accident emergency advisory service
*Level III incident emergency response
*Chemical transportation monitoring and risk warning service
Chemical Database
*Massive data from multiple modules (chemical risk identification, accident emergency response, dangerous goods, and regulatory data)
*Support PC and wechat small program query
Booth Personnel
Email: dingziy@nrcc.org.cn
Tel: 0532-83785032