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Global Chemical Management and Sustainable Development
Hazardous Chemicals Management and Informatization Practices
Global Pesticide Registration Management
Pesticide Market Trends and Landscape
Global Insights on Recycled Plastics
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Attendee Testimonials
I attend CRAC every year, and each year it keeps getting better. I am impressed by the organizer's ability to host such a large conference. It's great! I am eagerly looking forward to more content and surprises next year.
CRAC2023 provided me with a wealth of useful information, including updates on regulations from various countries, insights from industry experts, and opinions from representatives of wellknown companies regarding regulations.
CRAC2023 had a highly positive impact. The speakers' presentations were meticulously prepared.
The hotel, the dining environment, the welcome reception, and the concert were all awesome.The topics are well chosen, and covered all the areas I care about, such as chemicals, plastic sustainability, and carbon neutrality.
The overall experience was fantastic, with well-organized registration, topics, dining, and discussions. I would like to express my gratitude to the CRAC2023 committee for their meticulous and thoughtful arrangements.
The schedule and topic arrangements were well organized. I could see that the committee put a lot of effort into it.
The lucky draw activity was beneficial for the promotion of sponsors. The closed-door discussions within the industry provided a great opportunity for professionals to exchange ideas and network.
CRAC is always appealing. Every year I think it can't get any better, but the following year always manages to surpass my expectations. CRAC consistently surprises everyone. CRAC2023 was particularly innovative, featuring an outstanding concert and a delightful welcome reception.
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