China's Regulatory Affairs Conference
Grasp the Pulse of Regulatory Affairs and Focus on the Value of Compliance

In recent years, with the rapid economic development and globalization, the relations are getting closer and more mutual benefits are shared among all nations. Therefore, environmental safety and human health have become an important global issue. Governments around the world have successively promulgated regulations to monitor the risk management and promote the sustainable development in all industries.

Will the environmental protection and economic development be like the fish and bear’s paw, or they can complement each other to build a mutually beneficial relation? In the times of opportunities and challenges coexisting, the governments and enterprises all need to adopt effective measures to cross the turning point of Environmental Kuznets Curve and strike a balance between economic development and environmental health.

Since 2009, REACH24H Consulting Group has successfully held eight Chemical Regulatory Annual Conferences (CRAC). For years, CRACs have been well positioned to gather together officials from competent authorities, industries elites and professional scholars, serving as exceptional platforms for them to exchange regulatory updates, share compliance experiences and make acquaintances. As one of the most prestigious information technology summit in the industry, CRAC has become a key platform to communicate, cooperate and collaborate for all countries.

CRAC2017 will focus on the four major industries including industrial chemicals, pesticides, food contact materials and consumer products, and invite the competent authorities, senior technical experts,industry associations and enterprises to set up a multi-party communication platform to provide the latest regulatory information, exchange the practical compliance experience, explore the future development of the industry and strive for the green, safe and sustainable development.

Conference Highlight
  • To experience the one-stop conference: one conference, covering four industries; five sessions for your choice with one ticket.
  • To directly communicate with the authorities and experts, to gather the latest regulatory information.
  • To network with the leading technical experts and representatives from renowned enterprises.
  • Chinese, English and Japanese simultaneous interpretations are provided to remove the language barriers.
Target Audience
  • Experts from Laboratory /Scientific Research Institute
  • Decision-Makers from Multi-National Enterprise
  • EHS (Environmental Safety and Health) Managers
  • Industry regulations researchers
  • Supply Chain Managers / Procurement Mangers
  • BD/Marketing Managers
  • Editors from chemical/ pesticide/ food/ consumer products and other industries
Content Summary

Chemical Safety Management- To Build a Community of a Shared Future

  • Overview of REACH Like Regulation
  • Regulatory Updates in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Environment, Safety and Healthy
  • Hazardous Chemicals Management

CRAC 2017 will invite government officials and industry experts to analyze the current situation and trend of the global chemical management policies, propose the compliance strategies and share practical experiences to help companies better navigate the regulatory maze there.

Global Pesticide Registration- To Pave the Way for Sustainable Development

  • Interpretation of China New Pesticide Regulation
  • Introduction to the Pesticide Regulation in Europe and the United States
  • Overview of the Pesticide Registration in South America
  • Market Analysis and Experience Sharing of the Pesticide Registration in Southeast Asia

CRAC 2017 organizes the Global Pesticide Registration Session, inviting the government officials, technical experts and industry representatives from Europe, the United States, South America and the Asia-Pacific region to deliver the latest regulatory information, interpret the compliance strategies and exchange the opinions about the trends of future pesticides development.

Consumer Products Compliance- To Achieve the Green Development

  • The Analysis of impacts of EU REACH Regulations on Consumer Products
  • Interpretation of the ”Safety requirements for hazardous chemicals in consumer products
  • The influence of Textile Regulatory Barriers to the Trade under the New Situation
  • The Latest Progress of the Management Catalogue of the Hazardous Substances in the Electronic and Electrical Products

CRAC2017 will invite authorities and technical experts to thoroughly analyze the situation of the industry and seek the green compliance solutions.

Food Contact Materials Supervision- To Create a Safety Barrier

  • Current Status and Management trends of GB 9685-2016 in China
  • Interpretation of the Management Requirements of the Food Contact Materials in Europe and the United States
  • Introduction to the Food Contact Materials Regulation in Taiwan and Japan

CRAC 2017 will invite authorities and experts from China, Europe, the United States, Japan and Taiwan to introduce the global food contact material regulations and discuss the technical difficulties of regulatory compliance.

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