Terms and Conditions

1) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to alter the program, including (but not limited to) topics, speakers. Attendees are advised to check the official website for up-to-date news. If the organizer decides to cancel the event due to any force majeure or other unforeseeable event that renders the execution of the event impossible, the Organizing Committee will promptly notify all registered participants.

2) Release: The organizers, co-organizers, and speakers will not be held liable for any content or ideas expressed in the conference sessions and/or material.

3) Recordings: Video recordings or pictures obtained throughout the event without the prior consent of the Organizing Committee are not allowed. All intellectual property rights are hereby reserved by the organizers and speakers. Presentation materials, including vocal, video recordings, PPT and any brochures associated to the conference cannot be used for any commercial purpose or online sharing without the prior consent of REACH24H. Disclosure of any of the materials above mentioned to a third party (with the exception of the company/organization the attendee is representing) without prior authorization of REACH24H Consulting Group is strictly prohibited.

4) In the event a person/company (attendee, sponsor, and exhibitor) in any way infringes the overall aim of the conference or disrupts other attendees or participating companies involved in the conference, the Organizing Committee will reserve the right to exclude the person/company from the conference following a written or verbal warning. All respective costs resulting from or associated to this disruption or exclusion will be borne by the infringing person/company.

5) Governing Law: this registration shall be governed by the laws of P. R. China.

6) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make final interpretations of the contents of the registration form.