Company Introduction
Ever since we were founded in 1982, we have been a strategic partner to our customers, offering them compliance solutions for the global handling and distribution of chemicals. Our overriding mission is to transform regulatory requirements into tailored, economic solutions for our customers. The fact that we are heavily engaged in operational processes is testament to the quality of service that we provide and to the trust placed in us by our customers.
Our 80 employees look after 1,000 companies in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, logistics and processing industries worldwide. Through our longstanding consultancy activities, we know exactly what our clients require in their daily operations: expert knowledge, legal certainty and practical relevance. These principles form the cornerstone of the service we provide:
- European Safety Data Sheets
- National Registrations
- Emergency Response Telephone Service
- European Dangerous Goods
- Safety Advisers
- Dangerous Goods Warehouse Advice
- Occupational Safety
- Environmental Protection
- Plant Approval and Safety
Through the Global Chemical Consultant Network, which we co-founded, we have the capability to offer our customers solutions appropriate to the various key regions in the world. A shared ambition among participating companies to act professionally, socially and responsibly and to focus on quality is key to successful collaboration.
We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this year’s CRAC, organized by HCF and our esteemed partner, REACH24H, which provides invaluable support for our customers across the entire Asian market.
Product/Service Introduction
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European Safety Data Sheets
We provide you with up-to-date, legally compliant European safety data sheets, validate and check (supplier) safety data sheets for legal compliance, and prepare REACH exposure scenarios. We have our
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Notification, Registration and National Authorisat
We can provide a full registration and authorisation package for REACH substances and Biocidal Products, as well as an approval service for Biocidal Active Substances in the EU. We also offer notifica
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Dangerous Goods
Thanks to many years’ hands-on experience in warehousing, the chemical industry and port logistics, we can identify potential problems immediately and devise lasting solutions for seamless dangerous g
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Our expert team assists you in all kinds of ways – starting with the appointment of advisers on plant safety, waste handling, water protection etc., to providing support on individual projects in, e.g
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Compliance and Audits
We conduct random compliance audits to check your company’s status, to identify possible compliance risks and to devise recommended courses of action with you. We can check for compliance with legisla
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International Network
The focus of all our services has always been on ensuring that our customers’ operations are permanently in regulatory compliance – no matter where they are in the world. Together with our internation
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