Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich GmbH
Company Introduction
From Starting Materials through Finished Product Testing, Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing’s 35 facilities in 17 countries deliver the world’s most comprehensive scope of harmonized GMP testing services and seamless regulatory acceptance.
As we have grown to become the world’s largest network of GMP product testing labs, we continue to uphold our founding promise of personal service and impeccable quality.
Product/Service Introduction
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Toxicology Services
Genetic toxicology: mutagenicity / clastogenicity Local tolerance: irritation / sensitization Systemic Toxicology Carcinogenicity / Neurotoxicity Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity AD
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Microbiology Services
Non-Sterile Products Testing Sterility Testing Endotoxins Determination Identification of Microorganisms Mycoplasma Testing Antibiotic potency testing
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Molecular & Cell Biology Services
Potency Assays / BioassaysqPCR Assays Host Cell Protein & ELISA Assays
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Biochemistry Services
Method Development & Validation Residual Impurity Testing
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Facility Validation Support
Pharmaceutical Gas Testing Environmental Monitoring Disinfectant Validation Cleaning & Other/GMP Process Validations
Behringstr. 6/8, 82152 Planegg/Munich, Germany