Company Profile

UMCO has been offering compliance solutions for the distribution and handling of chemicals all over the world for the last 40 years. Their customers benefit from a complete advising service for substances, plants, organization, and transport of the highest quality. 

UMCOs service portfolio includes especially services for chemicals and pharmaceutical industries and traders:

·European safety data sheets

·National registrations

·Emergency response telephone service

·European dangerous goods safety advisers

·Dangerous goods warehouse

·Occupational safety and environmental protection

·Plant approval and safety 

Our advantages:

·40 years’ of experience in the classification, evaluation and handling of substances and mixtures.

·A team of highly qualified employees who instil our high quality ethos into companies each and every day – standing behind them, ready and waiting to share their comprehensive expertise.

·Wide international network of reliable partners and solutions for our customers.

·UMCO is partner of REACH24H

Our Products/Services
European Safety Data Sheets
We provide you with up-to-date, legally compliant European safety data sheets, validate and check (supplier) safety data sheets, and prepare REACH exposure scenarios. We have our own IT software and an intuitive, easy-to-use app that gives you round-the-clock access to your documents. In addition, interface solutions are available to quickly transfer data to your IT system.
Notification, Registration and National Authorisation of Substances and Mixtures
We provide a full registration and authorisation package for REACH substances and Biocidal Products, as well as an approval service for Biocidal Active Substances in the EU. We also offer notification services for substances, hazardous mixtures and biocidal products in the EU. For substances outside the EU, we work with an extensive network of partners across different countries.
Dangerous Goods
Thanks to many years’ hands-on experience in warehousing, the chemical industry and port logistics, we can identify potential problems immediately and devise lasting solutions for seamless dangerous goods transports. We can supply an external dangerous goods adviser, set up an internal dangerous goods structure as well as resolve complex one-time issues.
Our expert assists you in all kinds of ways – starting with the appointment of advisers on plant safety, waste handling, water protection etc., to providing support on individual projects in, e.g., environmental protection, plant approval, occupational safety, and back-up advice, through to assuming responsibility for entire areas.
Compliance and Audits
We conduct random compliance audits to check your company’s status, to identify possible compliance risks and to devise recommended courses of action with you. We can check for compliance with legislation on REACH, dangerous goods, occupational safety, waste, water protection, etc. Furthermore, we offer process-based system checks, such as hazardous substances management, third-party companies, and permits.
International Network
The focus of all our services has always been on ensuring that our customers’ operations are permanently in regulatory compliance – no matter where they are in the world. Together with our international partners, we offer services relating to global chemical management, transport of dangerous goods, storage, occupational safety, environmental protection, and plant safety.
Booth Personnel
Ulf Inzelmann
Managing Partner
Tel: +49 40 555546-372