Global Product Compliance (GPC)
Company Profile

Global Product Compliance (GPC) is a regulatory compliance company specializing in chemical, agrochemical, cosmetics, food contact materials and medical device regulations within several different service areas. GPC was established in 2008 and have since then increased its regulatory expertise to several different countries and regions worldwide now including 20+ countries across 6 continents. Our over 1,500 Happy Clients are a testimony to the great rapport we share with them and the fine quality that we offer in our services. This is also reflected in the fact that we have about 99% customer retention (Client loyalty) and we have had over 200 companies opting to switch over to us from other service providers, for better and cost-effective services.

GPC being India’s largest regulatory compliance service provider is also actively contributing towards the finalization of India’s chemical regulation and policy (Indian Chemical (Management and Safety) Rules (CMSR)). Indian Ministry of Commerce has commissioned GPC for several studies and reports which have contributed significantly to the upcoming Indian CMSR.

Our advantages:

· Only non-governmental body in the technical committee which responsible for drafting Indian REACH (CMSR).

· India’s largest regulatory compliance service provider.

· GPC has 13+ years of compliance management experience with 1500+ clients in 38 countries including SMEs and Large corporations.

· GPC can provide global end-to-end compliance service in Chemical, Agrochemical, Cosmetics, Food Contact Materials and Medical Devices sectors for 20+ countries in 6 continents.   

· GPC has a fully automated compliance certificates management system – Supply Chain Communication Portal to take care of your post compliance obligations. 

Our Products/Services
Indian CMSR
Indian published the fifth draft of Indian REACH (ICMSR) in August 2020. The ICMSR will regulate Substances, Substances in Mixture, Substances in Articles, and Intermediates manufactured, imported, or placed in the Indian territory. Notification is required for all substances that are in quantity above 1 PTA. Non-Indian applicants can appoint an AR (Authorized Representative) to comply with obligations.
European REACH regulation is currently in the Evaluation Phase. GPC can be your Only Representative (OR) to comply with EU REACH including Poison Center Notification (PCN) and SCIP database notification.
K-REACH came into force since the first day of 2015. It requires all chemicals producing, importing, or exporting to Korea must register first. GPC can be your OR for K-REACH registration.
Turkey REACH (KKDIK) came into force on January 1st, 2021. Exporters to Turkey should submit late pre-registration and start preparing SIEF communication for joint registration. The deadline for KKDIK registration is 31st Dec. 2023.
GPC provides global compliance service on registration of Agrochemicals with our extension Auxilife. GPC provide end to end agrochemical compliance service including advisory on PPP regulation in EU, drafting of administrative and technical dossiers, risk assessment, e-fate calculations, biological assessment dossiers, etc.
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Mr. Shisher Kumra
Executive Director
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Zhengmin Li
Compliance manager
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Chia-Sui Hsu
Regulatory manager
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